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How many workers are necessary for a small EPE foam mattress factory?

Because EPE foam sheet has very good performances of good thermal insulation, moisture-proof, water proof and anti-collision, besides, it is low cost, people in many developing countries use it to make mattress.

To make EPE foam mattress, we need at least EPE sheet extruder, EPE bonding machine, EPE cutting machine and EPE recycling machine.

EPE Foam Plank Bonding Machine,Foam Mattress Bonding Machine Manufacturers

epe board mat production extruder

Foamed Plastic PE/EPE Baby Crawling/Papa Mat Extruder Machine Production Line can produce EPE foam materials which are flexible packaging materials with good elasticity, shock resistance, excellent pressure reducing, shockproof and natural degradable. Because of the low cost and high grade, they are widely used in the packaging of electronic instrumentation, household appliances, computer, bicycle, various furniture, leather shoes, glass ceramics, etc. 

EPE foam plank machine

EPE foam plank machine can make different foam sheet width and thickness according to customer requirement. Meanwhile, it can also make foam pipe, foam net, foam rod, foam profile and so on through changing mould and machine parts.

EPE foam plank

epe pe thick foam mat machine /Expanded polyethylene bonding machine

‚ÄčEPE foamed sheet thickening machine

EPE foamed sheet thickening machine is mainly used for composite thickening of EPE foamed sheet. EPE foamed sheet thickening machine can melt and glue two or more layers of sheet materials to achieve the purpose of increasing thickness. The composite products are mainly used for making children's climbing MATS, positioning and packaging of electronic products, glass and ceramic utensils, or for the luggage industry.This machine has reasonable structure, high production efficiency and simple operation. It is an ideal equipment for producing thick EPE material.

epe foam thickening machine/plastic foam thermal bonding machine

epe foam thickening machine,plastic foam thermal bonding machine
epe foam

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine


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