The common failures and solutions of epe foaming machine(pe foam machine)

   epe foaming machine,pe foam machine




EPE Foam sheet is cracked

1. Die is tighten more for thin sheet

1. Loosing the die a little

2. There is impurities in mould

2. Loosing the mould to let impurities outside, then tighten immediate.

3. Filter net is movement or leaked

3. Exchanging the filter net

Bubble on surface of sheet, and with holes till cracks many place

The temperature is lower in water cooling zone

Bubble or many holes, reduce the water flow; cracks many place, restart the machine.

PE foam sheet thickness is uneven

1.inside and outside die is not justify

1.adjusting jackscrew to let it justify

2. Deformation of mould

2. Repair the mould

3. Monostearin is too many

3. Reduce monostearin

Bubble is too large

1.talcum powder is too less
  2.butane is too less

1.adding talcum powder
  2.adding butane

pe foam sheet spotted

1. Monostearin is too much
  2.the temperature is too low of 7th and 8th zone

1. Reduce monostearin
  2.higher the set temperature or turning small the water flow

Longitudinal stripes deep

Butane is too much,
  Talcum powder is too much

Reduce the butane
  Deduce the talcum powder

Rough surface, with white abb

1. Die gap is too large

1.tighten the die

2.the extruding qty is not enough

2.improve the machine engine speed and adding butane and monostearin

EPE foam sheet is crisp, easy to  break

1.monostearin is too much
  2. Machine head temperature is too low

1.reduce monostearin
  2.increase the machine head temperature

EPE foam sheet is shrink

1.monostearin is too less

1.increase monostearin

2.machine head temperature is too high

2.reduce the machine head temperature

3.the temperature is lower than 5℃ in plant

3.raise the plant temperature

PE foam sheet strip is too light

1.machine head temperature is too high

1.reduce the machine head temperature

2.butane is too less

2.adding butane

PE foam sheet is off tracking

1.the gap of die is nonuniform

1.adjusting the die gap

2.auxiliary malposition

2.adjusting the auxiliary position

PE foam sheet is break for often

Traction speed is too fast

Slowly the traction speed

PE foam sheet is cracking at the confirmed position

Bruise on die

Repair the die

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