Foam mattress making machine manufacturer & Supplier & Exporter

We specialize in making fruit net machine for over 20 years and we are the most professional epe foam machinery manufacturer.

The weight of the products is light to 15kg/ m3

That is the same thickness as the production of EPE in the same material, the Jinlida of the polyethylene foam extrusion machine produced far more than the volume length counterparts

Safe and convenient operation

Polyethylene foam extrusion machine time saving,material saving and labor saving,overseas training,worry-free warranty

Foam Mattress Making Machine

In recent years many foreign customers bought foam mattress making machine( EPE Foam extruders + EPE foam bonding machine ) to make sheets with thickness of 3cm, 5cm or 9cm. Because EPE foam has advantages of thermal insulation, moisture resistance, waterproof and collision prevention, especially because they are of low cost,and EPE foam is non toxic, and thus can be used for food packaging. It is also resistant to the growth of microbes and fungi on its surface. It is odourless. People put these sheets on the floor to take the place of beds. They are very popular with customers in many developing countries such as India and African countries.
EPE Foam sheet machine

EPE Foam sheet machine

EPE Foam sheet machine is mainly used to produce EPE foam sheet.EPE foamed sheet/film, also named as pearl cotton, is a kind of new-type packing material with the features of dampproof, shockproofing, sound insulation, heat preservation and good plasticity.

Fruit net machine

Fruit net machine

Fruit foaming net is a new type of flexible packaging material. Due to its unique expandable mesh structure and elastic foamed web, it is widely used in the packaging of glass products, precision instruments and various vegetables, fruits, flowers and other products.

PE Extrusion Laminating Machine

PE Extrusion Laminating Machine

PE Extrusion laminating machine applicable to laminating EPE foam sheet with PE film, OPP color film, Aluminum film, PVC, knitted cotton, LDPE or PP composite materials, aluminum foil, web paper, cloth and other substrates.

EPE Foam Tube,Rod,Profiles Extrusion Line

EPE Foam Tube/Rod/Profiles Extrusion Line

EPE Foam Tube/Rod/Profiles Extrusion Line can produce various kinds of EPE foam products such as sheet shape, tube shape, rod shape, edge protection, corner protection, profiled material, etc.

Foam pipe coating machine,extrusion lamination machine for pipe

Foam pipe coating machine

The PE foam pipe coating machine (extrusion lamination machine for pipe) can coat the PE film on the surface of EPE pipes. Its screw melt and plasticize the PE materials, then extrude it through the die head and mould.

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine is a deep processing equipment for EPE foam sheet products. It is to fuse two or more layers of EPE pearl wool foam sheet to achieve the purpose of increasing the thickness.

EPE Foam Sheet Cutting Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Cutting Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Cutting Machine is mainly used for automatic trimming and fixed length cutting of pearl wool sheet after compounding, and can cut pearl wool coil, sheet, EVA and so on.

Tube Rolling Machine

Tube Rolling Machine

The cut XPE/PEF/EPE sheet will be coated with aluminum film or color film and then bonded together through heat melting to form tubular packaging products.

EPE Foam Sheet Coating Machine

EPE Coating Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Coating Machine is mainly used for the surface layer laminating of EPE foam sheet (film) and membrane with aluminum foil, paper.

EPE Recyling Machine

EPE Recyling Machine

EPE foam recycling and pelleting machine , is suitable for epe foaming waste material after foaming, to processing to granule, to used in epe foam reproduction.

About Our Institution

We are specialized in making foam mattress making machine and related EPE foam extrusion machine since 2003. With the hard work and technology accumulation over these years, we have made great process in the field of epe foam extrusion.

  • Since 2003
  • We have after-sale offices in some countries such as India
  • The best service from consultant to installation and after-sale service
  • We have a team of professional engineers who engage in epe foam machinery developing, manufacturing and installation and we have developed series of machineries for our customers.
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Our History 2003

In April 2003, Mr. Wang and Mr. Wang established Laizhou Chengxin Plastic Machinery Factory, specializing in EPE Foam Fruit Net Machine.

In 2007 changed name

When Laizhou Chengxin Machinery Factory was upgraded to a limited company in 2007, the integrity word could not be registered. The name changed from Laizhou Chengxin Machinery Factory to Laizhou Jinlida Machinery Co., Ltd., and at the same time, we began to search for a new factory site.

In 2016

Foreign trade companies export epe foam machinery to Vietnam, India and other countries in the world.

Why Choose Our Machine?

EPE Foam Mattress Making Machine & Polyethylene Foam Extrusion & PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

China manufacturer of polyethylene foam extrusion machine since 2003

The best EPE machinery including EPE foam sheet extrusion machine,EPE Foam Tube/Rod/Profiles Extrusion Line,PE Extrusion Laminating Machine etc is made in our factory.

The main electrical configuration both famous brand in domestic and abroad

The mechanical part of the material workmanship is very elegant and each part and every detail are carefully checked to ensure long-term and efficient use of the equipment.

High foaming rate and light weight have great competitive advantages.

The density of 0.5mm thick sheet is 16 kg/m3 and even down to 15 kg/m3.The only famous trademark in epe foam extrusion machine of china.

Independent productionresearch and development

Our engineers have 30+ years experience in EPE foam sheet machine. Our persons are rofessional,enthusiastic and responsible

Each device undergoes a rigorous testing procedure and factory customers participate in the test machine.

It��s our duty to install and debug the products and train the customers for free until they learn how to use it.

7X24 H Support

so that customers have no worries! One year warranty, lifetime maintenance, free technical support. Let customers really worry and rest assured after purchase.

Reviews for Our EPE foam machine

Hello, I am harry from India.I came to China with a translator. I came to China from India and bought a EPE foaming machine. Under the guidance of the translator, I saw many manufacturers who have produced EPE foaming machines.

There are several foreign trade companies in this area. We have only discovered that they does not produce EPE machine after we have been there.

India foam sheet extrusion machine

In India

In the end, after a comprehensive comparison of all aspects, we selected Jinlida and bought a foaming machine, a laminating machine, a granulator, and a thickening machine.....


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Their equipment performance quality and simple operation and practicality are very good...

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I think the factory which has old brand of Jin Lida Machinery for 17 years can be trusted...

Thailand EPE Foam Tube
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